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Aligning yourself with Dental Allies means that you will be aligning your practice for success. We are a team of dental experts dedicated to your ongoing success.
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Payment Processing

You are spending too much every time you swipe a patient’s debit or credit card. It is not your fault. The financial waters are murky. That is why we’ve partnered with an affiliate of a bank to offer discounted dental payments.

Practice Transition

DSO Affiliation

Looking to cash out on your career or enhance and grow your practice with phenomenal corporate support? Dental Allies and its flagship client will match you with a DSO looking to acquire a practice just like yours. The best part? The DSO pays! That means you don’t have to pay 10% to a practice broker!

Practice Success

Improve Culture

You already have a culture. Every business does. You recognize that yours needs improvement. Luckily, you have Dental Allies on your side. We are experts in dental culture and will help your practice or business improve its own culture, which will result in increased profits.

Practice Success

Operate Smarter

We appreciate the fact that you are considered lucky if you have one business class in dental school. Let us help. Operate smarter while improving both top and bottom lines. We offer a shorter Practice Bootcamp℠ if you just need a quick boost and a longer Practice Improvement Plan℠ (PIP) if you face major operational challenges.

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Payment Processing

There is always someone trying to take advantage of you in the payments space. Even without looking at your merchant processing statements, we can already tell you that you’re paying too much. How do we know this? Because so far everybody who has come before you paid too much, too. There are actually very few payment processors out there. Even the biggest banks outsource to First Data®, which adds to processing costs for business. What we did was partner with a bank that also does processing. You will have a merchant relationship directly with them. It’s the shortest: you, corporate affiliate of bank that does the actual process and the bank itself. Because of this, they are able to control every single cost over interchange (the rates that associations like Visa® charge). This means cheaper processing for you, which in turn means more money in your pocket. Process all of the major cards as well as e-checks. Increase your profits by decreasing your payment processing costs. Call us at 1-800-881-6674 to get started. All that’s needed is your three most recent merchant processing statements.

Practice Success

Running a business is hard. We know this because we’re experts in running businesses. The fact that dental school did not prepare you for the business world can only compound problems. Breathe. We’re here for you. Do you need help improving practice culture? Dental Allies has you! Need a quick operational boost? We still have you with our exclusive Practice Bootcamp℠. Facing major operational challenges? You will benefit from our longer exclusive 12 to 18 month Practice Improvement Plan℠ (PIP). Give us a call at 1-800-881-6674 to discuss your unique challenges and how Dental Allies will be right by your side working with you to resolve them.

Practice Sales

DSOs continue to grow by the day. Dentists are choosing to sell to them in order to cash out and retire, while other dentists are partnering with them to cash out of their practice while continuing to practice. There are actually many different models out there depending on your unique goals and most DSOs are able to accommodate them. Through a key client we offer a service that matches selling dentists with DSOs looking to acquire practices with their characteristics. The best part? You will likely make more for your practice and you will not have to give 10% of the sale price to a practice broker who doesn’t really own their keep. Call us at 1-800-881-6674 to discuss your transition goals and how we may help.

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  • Jesse Barron possesses a uniquely diverse array of finely cultivated skill sets. Uncommonly found under one roof, Jesse is both Tech savvy and is an organically effective communicator, for internal directive as well as directly with client relations. In addition, he brings a bevy of strategic intelligence in multiple arenas. Yet maybe most appealing is his willingness to step outside his comfort zone and exercise his creative problem-solving. He demonstrates an incessant desire for self-improvement, alongside a tenacious appetite to drive results. I appreciate my time spent with him and his continued willingness to reach out and help the team, even outside his designated responsibilities. He will inevitably be an asset to depend on anywhere he goes.

    Jason Kurtz
    Jason Kurtz Senior Account Executive
  • Dental Allies has been instrumental in growing the business development department of DSO Market Watch. Jesse learned about our products quickly and hit the pavement running to sell our DSO Directory and Solo-Practice Data. Jesse has been indispensable with DSO News. I told him my vision for the website and accompanying newsletter and he delivered exactly what I wanted. As the Executive Editor, he manages the day-to-day of the publication and has done an excellent job doing so.

    Scott Clements
    Scott Clements DSO Market Watch Founder and Managing Partner
  • Jesse Barron has a great ability to quickly understand and solve difficult issues. He is extremely resourceful and someone who can be counted on to figure out how to make something happen. I have found that to be a very important skill in the business world and more and more recognize Jesse's talents in doing so.

    Daniel Ghazi
    Daniel Ghazi Founder and CEO
  • I have known Elicia Gibson for 4 years - since we worked together at DDS Lab. Elicia is a hard-working self-starter who knows how to effectively build a client base and long-term customer relationships. Since she moved on to her consulting business, she continues to be successful due to her professionalism, resourcefulness, amazing organizational skills and focus on her goals. She knows what it takes to get the job done. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and calling on clients together.

    Valerie Rhodes
    Valerie Rhodes Vice President of Sales