Dental Payment Processing

Have you reviewed your dental merchant account statements lately?

If not, you may be overpaying!

Dental Allies provides a complimentary service introducing dental related businesses to the cheapest dental payments processing.


We introduce you to one of only three closed-loop environment payment processors. This means that the middle man is completely eliminated and you are dealing directly with a company that shares a parent entity with one of the largest 20 card issuing banks in the United States.

Even Wells Fargo®, one of the largest banks in the world, uses First Data® for their merchant processing. This means that First Data passes processing charges on to Wells Fargo, which are then passed on to the merchant. This middle-man process is eliminated with Dental Allies’ dental merchant introduction service.

This company has been in the payments space for over 30 years and all merchant support is U.S. based. They provide a variety of processing software and hardware and can most likely integrate with your practice management or other back-end systems, such as QuickBooks®. They also have convenient wireless hardware to enable chair side payments. This company will make the on-boarding process as smooth as possible, something they have done for over 100,000 merchants that have come before you.

The company processes all major credit cards as well as e-checks. Once accepted, you will be able to process Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® and Discover Card®.

All that our referral partner requires is your last three months of merchant processing statements to provide you with a complimentary quote that demonstrates you how much profit you are losing each month with your current processing.

Complete the form, send us an email or give us at ring at 1-800-881-6674 ext. 1.


Dental Payment Processing