Practice Cloud℠

Practice Cloud is a HIPAA and HITECH compliant suite of cloud tools for dental practices. We offer solutions for secure email, cloud PBX (phone system), as well as file storage and management.

We have evaluated a lot of EMR/PM solutions and the best is cloud-based. If you are committed to taking your practice 100% to the cloud, Dental Allies has the resources, solutions, and relationships to do so.

Practice Cloud℠ Email

Practice Cloud Email

Most email systems are not HIPAA compliant. There must be certain features in place to be considered so. Two of those are encryption and archiving, both of which are built into Practice Cloud Email.

With Practice Cloud Email you will be able to securely transfer ePHI over email as easily as sending any other email.

Practice Cloud Voice

Ditch your bulky and costly on-premises phone system in favor of one delivered from the cloud.

Practice Cloud Voice is a unified communications system that allows you to use a desk phone, a softphone on your computer, or even your mobile phone to make and receive calls.

With over 40 calling features, Practice Cloud Voice will exceed your needs.

Practice Cloud℠ Voice
Practice Cloud℠ Files

Practice Cloud Files

Move your files from that dusty old file server and spread out over all of your desktop computers to the secure cloud with Practice Cloud Files.

You will be able to access the most current version of files from any device. It is HIPAA compliant as you will have full control over files, users, devices and sharing activities.

Protect yourself from ransomware, other threats, and data loss by moving your files to the cloud.