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While email is one of the most convenient ways to communicate in an office, many dental practices are unable to conveniently transfer ePHI by email because their email system or provider does not meet HIPAA and HITECH requirements, or will not sign a Business Associate Agreement.

Practice Cloud℠ Email bridges the gap by providing an email system offering end-to-end encryption, archiving and other necessary features to provide you with a system that helps you to comply with HIPAA regulations.

Unlike most email providers, Dental Allies is happy to sign the required Business Associate Agreement.

HIPAA has certain requirements for email security and Practice Cloud Email meets each of them.

Dental HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA Requirement Practice Cloud Email’s Compliance

Access Control

A practice must implement unique IDs for access to ePHI, for identifying and tracking user actions.

Dental Allies enables the administrators of Covered Entities to implement and enforce granular policies, including the definition of settings that permit or deny senders, domains, and IP addresses for any email message.

Person or Entity Authentication

A practice must implement procedures that verify a person or entity that is seeking access to ePHI is who they claim to be.

Dental Allies provides administrators of Covered Entities with username and password controls to restrict access to ePHI stored on Practice Cloud Email’s systems to authorized users, as well as track and verify access at each attempt. There is also strict physical security at the facilities hosting Practice Cloud Email.

Transmission Security

A practice must implement security procedures to guard against unauthorized access to protected health information transmitted electronically.

Practice Cloud Email provides end-to-end encryption for any email transmitted, which can be triggered manually or automatically based on the content of the message to ensure all ePHI is indeed emailed securely.

Audit Controls

A practice must implement procedures that record and examine activity in information systems that contain or use ePHI.

Practice Cloud Email provides full reporting on user access and transmission of ePHI that is stored on our systems. Administrators can produce a detailed audit trail at any time.

Practice Cloud Email is bundled with free unlimited support for all users.

Our experts will help you migrate from your current email system for free.

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What You Get
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  • Unlimited mailbox storage
  • 99.999% uptime