As of July 2018, the Department of Health and Human Services had received 186,453 HIPAA complaints, resolved 94% of them and made 688 referrals to the Department of Justice for prosecution.

Dental HIPAA Compliant

Practice Cloud℠ Compliance

Whether you rarely give HIPAA a thought or you work regularly towards compliance, Dental Allies will get you into the top 2% for compliance in as few as 21 days.

Our exclusive Practice Cloud Compliance provides your dental practice with simple to use privacy and security automation, as well as vendor management software. It is packed with over 25 compliance tools designed to keep your dental practice safe while protecting protected health information.

It starts with a risk assessment by Dental Allies from which we will tailor your Practice Cloud HIPAA solution to your practice’s unique requirements. We do as much of the work for you as possible.

Each of your employees will receive access to their own dashboard. From there they can review training modules with quizzes, policies, and procedures while attesting to have read them and store other history that will assist you in an audit.

Practice Cloud Compliance Features

Security & Privacy Management

You will be provided with a powerful suite of tools, location management, employee management and a file repository hosted in the cloud

Policies and Procedures

You can utilize a complete set of easily customizable policies and procedures or upload your own

Third-Party Oversight

Powerful third-party information security and privacy oversight and management tool. Bring vendor management under one roof where you can manage risk levels, documents, breaches and more

Training and Awareness

You do not have to develop your own training courses as Practice Cloud HIPAA already has an extensive content library with more being added monthly. You can also upload your custom training materials

Practice Cloud Compliance Benefits

Save Time

We save you time by providing all of your compliance tools in an easily accessible centralized location

Saves Money

With convenient monthly payments, Practice Cloud Compliance is not only the only deal in town, it is the cheapest

Helps Reduce Risk

Using Practice Cloud Compliance to its full advantage will drastically reduce your risk for an audit or breach

Helps Avoid Audits

Using Practice Cloud Compliance for maintaining compliance will not only help you avoid an audit, it will help you pass one

Protect Your Patients

Practice Cloud Compliance is good for your practice and helps ensure you are properly protecting protected health information

Smart Employees

The training included in Practice Cloud Compliance will keep your employees educated and up-to-date on HIPAA

Vendor Tracking

Covered Entities are now responsible for managing vendors and Practice Cloud Compliance makes it extremely easy for you

Helps Avoid Breaches

By achieving and maintaining compliance with Practice Cloud Compliance, you will be better insulated against costly breaches.

Want to be sitting happily in the top 2 percentile of HIPAA compliance in as little as 21 days? Practice Cloud Compliance will enable you to achieve this for a one-time investment of $999 which includes a comprehensive risk assessment, account setup, and configuration. Then it is just $99/mo. per office.