Our Practice Improvement Plan is designed for dentists looking to take their practice to the next level.

Practice Improvement Plan℠

Our exclusive Practice Improvement Plan (PIP) is a 12 to 18-month long program that provides a deep dive into your practice’s operations, identifies operational deficiencies and develops comprehensive remedies.

Our PIP kicks off with an onsite visit to observe your operations and address any immediate needs. It continues with monthly coaching sessions with your dental consultant and includes five additional follow-up onsite training days.

Addressing operational deficiencies provides you with an opportunity to increase both your production and bottom line. Your dental consultant is an expert in dental practice operations and is able to identify the issues holding your practice back from achieving its full potential.

While there is a blueprint for PIP, it is also designed to be customizable based on your unique needs or the results of our deep dive assessment.

Phase 1
  • Practice questionnaire
  • Confidential doctor surveys
  • Confidential hygieniest surveys
  • Confidential employee surveys
  • Confidential patient surveys
Phase 2
  • Two-day onsite observation
  • Employee shadowing
  • Confidential doctor interviews
  • Confidential hygienist interviews
  • Confidential employee interviews
  • Practice statistics collection
  • Marketing statistics collection
  • Dental chart audit
  • Treatment plan acceptance monitoring
  • Facility utilization evaluation
  • Analysis of systems
  • Analysis of technology
  • Financial evaluation
  • Economic model development
  • Fee analysis
  • Policy analysis
Phase 3

Your dental consultant will analyze collected data to develop a results-oriented Practice Improvement Plan to accomplish your practice’s goals.

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Phase 4

Your dental consultant will share their findings with you, as well as discuss the Practice Improvement Plan prior to onsite training.

Phase 5
  • Training day conducted with all doctors, hygienists, and employees (office closes for the day)
  • Employees to be presented with the key stakeholders’ vision for the practice and a roadmap to achieve it
  • The training session will focus on concerns of key stakeholders’ as well as the concerns of your dental consultant revealed through observation and analysis and also address the most immediate practice needs
Phase 6
  • Practice sends vital signs to the dental consultant by the 10th of each month to facilitate monthly remote coaching sessions
  • PIP implementation coaching is available to key stakeholders’, doctors, hygienists, and employees, as needed
  • A minimum of 12 monthly remote coaching sessions with key stakeholders is required
Phase 7
  • Four re-evaluation and training days with key stakeholders, doctors, hygienists, and employees spread over four separate visits (office to close)
  • Review progress made in implementing the PIP
  • Evaluate goal accomplishment for the practice

The Practice Improvement Plan is the answer for any dentist feeling overwhelmed, stressed out or like they are not making enough money for the effort.

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