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At Dental Allies, we don’t just talk the talk. We’ve walked the walk. We are each subject-matter experts in our own domain. Let us put our experience to work for you. You will not be disappointed.

We have assembled a team of dental consultants with a diverse range of expertise so that we can offer you more. Whether you need help with practice management, standing out online or the latest in technology solutions, we’ve got your back. Our track record speaks volumes and we welcome the opportunity to include you in the growing list of satisfied clients.

Helping Your Practice

Delivering Practice

Perhaps you feel you should be earning more. Maybe you have a culture problem in your practice that needs to be addressed. Could your management and front desk teams be stronger? Getting ready for a transition? These and many more are all things that can be resolved by our highly experienced dental consultants.

Driving New Patients

Dental Marketing

It is hard to stand out from the competition when you are spending all day addressing clinical issues. While it may seem like a good idea to hand off marketing to a member of your office staff, it rarely works out as planned. Learn about how we will drive new patients to your dental practice.

Up Up and Away

Taking You to the Secure Dental Cloud

With our exclusive Practice Cloud℠ you can reap all of the benefits of the cloud while enjoying the framework to remain HIPAA compliant. We have solutions for encrypted email, voice communications, and file storage.